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    The Toolshed

  • We're Big on Family

    The Toolshed is for Jesus' church. Blood was spilled to form this family. Like a brave king of old, Jesus stepped out of the ranks to be handed over to his foe. To pay for peace. To buy his people a life, and a home.


    That's us. Let's be that family. He said they'd know us by our love for one another. So we're your cousin down the street with a huge toolshed out back. If you're family, we'll make you a key to it. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work.

    Tools of the Trade

    We love tools. We make our own, and we like making new ones. If you don't see what you're looking for, just knock on the front door. We keep a list of requests. Here's what we have right now, and what's in the works:

    We want churches to be free. Most are under self-imposed regulation. They've promised to adhere to all "present & future regulations" from the IRS. This is starting to be problematic. Take a look at the 508 Church -- tax-exempt & tax-deductible outside of 501c3.

    Need Meeting

    (In the works)

    In the old days, there were no needy among us. No one claimed his stuff was his own, and when there was need, someone would step up & sell their house.


    Wouldn't that scandalize modern-day America? Let's take some first steps in that direction. We're working on a tool for coordinating practical need meeting in your congregation, and resources for developing that culture.


    (In the works)

    One of us has five kids in private school. Tuition is expensive, so he bartered for it. He's building some school admin software to track attendance, grades, etc.


    We'll probably sell this one, to give the school a revenue stream. It won't cost much.


    (In the works)

    Kids ask for stuff all the time. When you have lots of kids, that means lots of questions times five. We've prototyped a system that ties together chores & privileges wisely, so the majority of those questions are already decided. Our kids like it -- it gamifies the character building of chores.

    We're planning to do a Kickstarter to get it to ready for everyone.

  • Your Cousins

    We're just some people doing some stuff.

    (Or if you need it - we're a 6 yr old tech company that specializes in big data analytics.)

    But really. People are higher beings than companies.

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